Blue Light Causes Health-Related Issues

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad):  iOS version 9.3 (available as of March, 2016) will include, among its new features, Night Shift, a display setting that allows your iPad or iPhone to sense the ambient light and adjust its colors naturally.  Apple believes this setting will be particularly useful for those who read their device or watch video before going to bed, as the Night Shift screens will cut out much of the blue light that has been shown to interrupt sleep patterns. For versions earlier than iOS 9.3 there are several options/work-arounds available to iOS users:
  • MAC OS has ​Night Shift. 
  • ​Windows 10 has Night light settings​.  Go to the Settings screen.  Then go to the System settings, and then to Display.  Look for Color and then Turn ON Night Light Settings.  Underneath that, click on Night Light Settings.  Schedule it to turn on from Sunset to sunrise (after you have set your machine's location).  Finally, move the color temperature at night to somewhere in the red zone on the left - based upon your comfort level.

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