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open house:
Nutrition and VIsual Performance

Sponsored by: MacuHealth
& Dr. Roberta Horwitz, Optometrist

Lisa Bixby, R.D. will be speaking on how proper nutrition can improve and optimize your vision throughout your life and contribute to overall health and well-being.  The foods we eat today do not have the same level of nutrients when compared to 50 years ago.  Learn how supplementation and lifestyle changes can counteract these nutritional deficits and promote healthy vision. 

Complementary screenings utilizing the revolutionary Rabin Cone Test

Early detection, using routine Cone Contrast Testing, may prevent permanent damage normally associated with:  macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Free Color-Vision Screenings to detect both hereditary and acquired color vision loss.
Learn how MacuHealth and Dr. Horwitz, O.D. are enhancing patients’ vision
Please join us for light refreshments

Dr. Roberta
Horwitz, O.D.
Eye Care for you

416 Hastings Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

412-361-EYES (3937)


July 13th: 2-6:30 pm

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Eye Care for You                          

Dr. Roberta Horwitz, O.D.

416 Hastings Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15206

412-361-EYES (3937)