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* Information taken from a pamphlet by Allergan, Inc. 

Dry Eyes

o  Facts about dry eyes (This link takes you
    to the National Eye Institute site)

o  You may be suffering from

Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) if you

answer yes to any of the following:*

  1. Are you using artificial tears often?
  2. Do you feel that your use of artificial tears
    has increased over time?
  3. Have you experienced any of the following
    symptoms during the last week?
    Sensitivity to light?  Eyes that feel gritty?
    Blurred vision? Poor vision? Painful or sore eyes?
  4. Have you experienced difficulties in performing any of the following during the last week?  
    ​Reading? Working on a computer? Driving at night? Watching TV?  Wearing contact lenses?
  5. Do your dry eyes interfere with your work-related or leisure activities?

o  Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) can be caused by:*

  1. Environmental factors, including pollen (and allergies), dry air or wind, dust or smoke, working on the computer wearing contact lenses.
  2. The aging process.  CDE is more common in persons over 50 years of age.
  3. Medical treatments, including:  antihistamines; hormone replacement therapy;
    or androgen therapy.
  4. ​Inflammation can impact the glands that make your natural tears.
  5. Hormonal changes, such as those among women who are experiencing menopause or who are post-menapausal.
  6. her diseases, including: diabetes; glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis;lupus; or, Sjogren's syndrome.